10 May 2009

2009 Kuala Terengganu CubPrix - TXRC / SGP / NS Gathering

Hi guys & gurls out there, well its been quite sumtime dats i didnt post any news since the blog created...

Well here's sum event that i'd manage wiv some of our groups within da states. Gathered in Kuala Terengganu meeting & seeing each other adjoining together with the 2009 Malaysian CubPrix helded in Kuala Terengganu starting on 8th ~ 9th May 2009.

Althrough its not a big gathering but the spirit burned among us that own & ride these oldstock bikes.

Many thanks to all the teams SGP (Shark Ganu Panther), NS (Northern Shark) & TXRC (TXRian RIDER CLUB) who making up the event happening altho short...


Till times we RIDES nagains~

22 February 2009

Revolving Legacy

Gentlemen Start Your Engine...